Monday, January 31, 2011


While I was sitting in the office today, I was reminded of my former platoon sergeant, and his many fabricated stories. I then had a long discussion with one of my co-workers on the ghost stories he used to tell us and other random stuff he would say. Here is a list of some of the gems he told us. There will be more to follow.

1. "I jumped off an aircraft carrier once."
2. "That's nothing, I broke my ankle six times in Iraq and got shot in it too."
3. "While I was stationed in Germany I raced a Ferrari to France for my 30 birthday."
4. "I'm gonna dirt-fuck the hell out of you."
5. "If you're late one more time I'm gonna have to make some nut wine."

Hello World

This is my first blog and I decided to use it share some of the interesting things I hear while serving my country.  Check back for more while I play with the settings and get things configured to my liking.